Using Your Personal Motorola G Assistant

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The AI personal assistants have become rather popular among the users. Apple can boast with Siri, Microsoft is known for Cortana and Android has got a lot of personal assistant apps. Each of the AI options has got personal positive features.

For Moto G phone models the mobile giant has designed a personal system that is called Motorola Assist. You can consider this software one of the most useful for Motorola Phones. The basic principle of this assistant is a simple automatisation of tasks based on the regular actions of the user. The best thing regarding this app is the low consumption of the phone’s resources and quietness of work.

Using Your Personal Motorola G Assistant

Let’s review the most popular features that are available in the shell of Motorola Assist.

The Issue with Motorola Driver Assist

Driver Assistant is a special item the helps you to preserve attention during driving. Yes, that’s a definitely useful function as it can tell where the traffic jams and even weather forecast are. It is definitely a helpful app but unfortunately the Moto G series models were deprived of this option due to the specifications of the hardware functional array.

It would be a totally useless affair to download and install an apk file from side sources as will simply not work. So it is a good idea to save time and nerves on the utilisation of the existing functions sleeping and meeting assit software.

Sleeping Assist for Moto G

The moment you will teach the phone about your sleeping habits, it will stand on guard of your healthy slumber. It will simply turn all the notifications off for the time when you’re in. Nobody will be able to get to you, but still you can get some exception numbers which can reach you and the voice will turn on for such people. Just add them to your favourite contacts though the app. There also exception for those people who call several times for a short period of time – in case it is an emergency.

Additionally during the sleep mode you can adjust the volume of ringtone so you won’t get stressed with a sudden loud noise that will throw you out from the world of dreams. All the adjustments that are installed for the software will be activated during the time that you input. During the time of activity the phone will work according to the standard adjustment of the android system.

Mind that the application impacts only on the ringtone and message notification. The media will not be affected by the application.

The meeting assistant

This functions is specifically useful for busy people. It’s like having a secretary in your phone.

The machine can turn of the sound while you are doing some important business. Exceptions for expected calls can be surely added and you don’t have to fear that you will miss some important person.

Additionally, there’s an opportunity to special text autoreplies for selected people. The software is orienting according to your business calendar and has got a lot of rules which can be used for personal benefit. There are reminders of important dates and it can control overall sound of the phone according the established rules.

Hopefully you will get the maximum out of your assistant and that it will be able to improve your productivity to a totally new level.

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