The Utilisation of Dual SIM Technology on Your Moto G Phone

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Motorola G series phones are the models with a capability to be used with two SIM cards. However, it should be mentioned that the models are dual standby and not dual active; although some people hoped to use this models with 2 SIM cards at the same time. Some regions are still compatible with dual SIM mode regardless of the phone model.

The Utilisation of Dual SIM Technology on Your Moto G Phone

Fortunately, all the Moto G phones can be specifically adjusted so that you could receive all the incoming calls without fear that you will miss some important call while communicating with a person. These various forwarding and call expecting means and special modifying system tweaks are available for the users.

Continue your acquaintance with this dual SIM guide for Moto G smartphone. Please note that the following information will be applicable for all other models of Motorola like E, X and Z series.

Entering Dual SIM Adjustment Menu

The entrance to the SIM card settings is located the first one when you touch the icon of settings. The first option that is available for the users is the shifting of colours of the SIM cards. This is usually made to notice easier the type of the card that is being currently used.

This is especially important when you need to highlight the card that will be your internet provider. The dual SIM models of the one have got only one slot that can be utilized with 3G technology, while the second one will work in a standard 2G mode.

This doesn’t matter if you prefer a single SIM card as it won’t influence anything in the system and work as a simple single SIM phone.

Selecting SIM Card When Calling

According to manufacturer’s settings the phone is supposed to request you every time, when you are dialing a contact, which card should be used. This is comfortable for people who are frequently shifting between two cards. They usually find this option the most acceptable and comfortable.

Let’s imagine a slightly different case – you are the person that is using one card for call and one for Internet access. Would you like to deal with a pop upping window that will request you to select the right SIM? At first, you might not pay attention to it, but later on this may become a very irritating point that can lead to dissatisfaction with the phone.

When you enter the setting menu, dual SIM settings and finally push Call settings section, you will have an access to the following three options:

  • Always use SIM 1
  • Always use SIM 2
  • Ask every time

This adjustment will help you to use the call functions of the phone more effectively.

Automatic SIM Selection Adjustment

Moto G phones can boast with an attractive function that might be suitable for people who often have to switch between the SIMs during the outgoing calls. This function is titled Auto SIM mode. Note that this function can be applicable when “ask every time” mode is on for calling.

This is, in fact, a special type of a program that selects the SIM for call automatically based on previous experience or according to the manually specified patterns. At the very start of the software use, the program will learn which card to use and with every successful option it will learn how to make the right choice. To increase the speed of search you can manually add the number to be used with specific SIM.

You can always fix the auto selection of the number or turn the application off. However, it will still continue to study on according to your call history.

The Correlation Between Mobile Data Transfer and Voicemail

A dual standby SIM phone can use separately one voice and internet service independently. They can work during the standby simultaneously, but when someone calls you, another SIM card will not accept incoming calls. This is a major difference between dual – active and standby phones.

When you receive a call on the first SIM card, the data transferred on the second SIM will be stopped. There are two basic behavior patterns the Motorola G provides the users with.

  • Switch off the Internet and take the incoming call.
  • Transfer the incoming calls to the voicemail service without switching of the internet.

It is possible to select appropriate parameter for the SIM card in “Connection priority” section in dual SIM settings. Enjoy your dual SIM Moto G smartphone and let it be the most useful gadget that you ever had before.

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