How to Save Battery Life on Motorola Moto G

save battery life on motorola moto g Moto G Tips

Some people think that Motorola Moto G can be considered as the smart phone which is nearly perfect especially for the fact that it comes with affordable price. However, people have to deal with some facts associated with the affordable price. People maybe will not be satisfied with its battery life. However, there is no need to worry because the battery life of this device can be improved. There are some tips which can be taken for save battery life on Motorola Moto G which can be considered one of the best budget options.

save battery life on motorola moto g

Tips to Save Battery Life on Motorola Moto G

The very first thing which people can do for save battery life on Motorola Moto G is by stopping the over-synchronization. There is no need for making the Gmail synchronization done in every 15 minutes when it can be done when people open the app. The synchronization setting can be changed easily.

People just need to choose Settings and Accounts for changing the Google service setting. All that people have to do is just opening their Google account and then they can uncheck the service from Google which they do not want to use. The synchronization for every Google accounts can be canceled in the menu which is overflow.

People maybe will find that Google Now can be a great service which is useful at a time. However, some people maybe will never use the voice commands on their smart phone. In this circumstance, they need to pay attention to the card suggestion of the Google Now.

People can simply turn Google Now off when they do not use it often so they are able to save the battery life of the smart phone. It can be done by accessing the Google Setting app and they can turn off the cards of Google Now as well as hot word detection of OK Google.

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