Moto G CM11 ROM available at XDA forum

moto g cm11 Moto G CM11

There Is a lot to love in regards to the Motorola Moto G. The price is absolutely a steal, the handset’s customizations are extremely light and the specs are tremendously impressive for the amount of money. Looking for another reason to be pleased with the budget-oriented Moto G? Due To the endeavours of XDA member dhacker29, the Moto G now comes with an unofficial develop of Cyanogenmod 11.

moto g cm11

Although this is not necessarily the first CM11 assemble to surface for the Moto G, it appears to function as only assemble that is truly stable enough to use According to the ROM’s software designer and a lot of the users which have tried the ROM, almost everything is functioning including calls, information, cam and media. Obviously, it is still an early develop and a number of bugs should be expected.

What Is even more exciting concerning the brand new unofficial CM11 build is that it supports all three variant of the Moto G: the X1028 for Verizon, the XT1032 for international GSM, and the XT1034 for retail US GSM.

Some consumers are probably going to be a lot more than met with the G’s default option ROM, using the Moto G currently being a near-stock encounter. Nevertheless, you will find surely some users that actually favor the CyanogenMod experience and it’s always great to get more options.

For more details on the unofficial develop or to obtain it for your self, you will must head over to the XDA Developer’s forum. Anyone try this ROM with their Moto G however? If therefore, what variant and how did the encounter go for you personally?

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