Motorola Moto G Manual User Guide and Instructions

motorola moto g

Moto G manual user guide is a pdf file from Motorola Mobility that discuss ways manuals for the Motorola Moto G X1032. In this document are explained in detail on the Motorola Moto G for users who still didn’t understand about the phone.

The Motorola Moto G is a essential phone. It’s the first mobile released by Motorola in the UNITED KINGDOM in quite a long time, and it’s moreover among the greatest-specced mobiles we’ve ever seen for under GBP200.

Moto G is an Android smartphone developed and produced by Motorola Mobility. Unveiled on November 13, 2013, the mobile is initially aimed at developing marketplaces, while those that live in developed markets will even have it accessible as a lesser-cost alternative when compared with other mobiles in its category.

moto g manual

Motorola Moto G Manual User Guide



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The telephone is closely associated with the Moto X that was released three months earlier, even though there are several essential differences despite their similar looks. The Moto G will never be in a position to get swift capture, active tellings, and touchless control. In addition, the Moto G features a removable back cover to ensure users can customize the telephone in whatever shade they need. The Motorola Moto G will not support 4G LTE.

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Motorola Moto G Manual User Guide and Instructions

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Motorola Moto G Manual User Guide and Instructions

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Motorola Moto G Manual User Guide and Instructions

Motorola Moto G Availability

The Moto G became first accessible in Brazil and portions of Europe to the day the phone was declared and in Canada and United States on December 2, 2013 and November 22, 2013 respectively. The residual elements of Europe and Latin America are likely to possess the mobile accessible from the beginning of the Christmas holiday season. In the Usa, the Moto G is readily available for Verizon and Boost Mobile customers.

Motorola Moto G Software updates

The Moto G became among the very first smartphones to get the Android 4.4 upgrade. The upgrade was rolled out over the air and needs at least 200 MB of free storage to these devices. The Android 4.4 upgrade was rolled out globally by Motorola, as guaranteed by them through the telephone’s start occasion.

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  1. Mary Blake Hill

    When I make a call the automated always tells me the call is unlimited. How do I get her to “shut up” in settings? Was unable to do so.

  2. Marie Dickson

    how do I turn off the voice for visually impared on my phone?

  3. Donna

    How do I uninstall “visual voicemail”. I have NOT subscribed to it and I’ve tried everything to get rid of this agrivation.

  4. shiva prasad

    how can i set up my mobile tracking feature

  5. Don Holloway

    how do I delete files from the downloads

  6. Linda Rinehart

    I did a factory reset, now the screen is black. Now is back to a locked screen with only the word emergency and a ————— which is asking for a password. Which of course I don’t remember what it is, and dont recall ever putting 1 in. Is there any way of getting into this cell I tried 1234 and 0000. No luck.

    Thank you

  7. Rhoda

    my phone is displaying “unfortunately camera not working” can anyone help. Many thanks.

    1. Stan Hannaford

      I also have this problem – can no-one help?

  8. Douglas Keever

    Got the phone 3 day ago. when it “updated” some apps I lost 60% of my contacts! I’m returning the phone. Don’t need this kind of performance in my pocket when I go on an upcoming trip

    1. Ellen Johnson

      I have had the Moto G phone for 9 months and I HATE it!! I miss my cheaper Huawei phone!! Ads, ads, ads and it has a mind of its own.. I can be messaging then it will jump to some off-the-wall wedsite!! Total pain in the tush!!

  9. Caroline

    I have a contact on my phone, she can send texts to me, but for some reason shes not receiving my replies. I can phone her. I have tried deleting the contact and then putting her back in, but it still doesn’t work. Any suggestions please?

  10. Robert L. Clemens

    Is it possible to increase the vibrate level. I have poor hearing and a little stronger level is desireable.

  11. Alyson Mason

    how do you transfer sms from old motorola to new. Migrate no longer works on new phone, please? Which marshmallow app is required? There are so many.